Payment Options

We offer four payment options to make getting your deliveries easier. Look below to find out more.

We will except a check for any delivery.

We will except a cash for any delivery.

Electronic Funds Transfer:
Or EFT will work just like a direct deposit. We will be granted access to directly take our payments for your invoices from a chosen bank account. This offers all the convenience of Escrow without the need to tie up large sums of money by prepaying for the month.

With this payment option you would give us a predetermined sum of money, which we would then hold in a bank account for you and put towards your invoices until that sum is gone. Generally the sum will cover at least a one month period and then be replenished before it runs out so as to avoid interruption in your escrow payments on invoices. This method allows you to write one check a month instead of having to sit and write a check for every delivery.