Customized Reporting

We offer a vast array of reporting to help you manage your costs. Below are some of the reports that we can offer to you.

Custom Order Sheets:
Our order sheets are created to fit your individual needs. These custom sheets will list only the items you stock. It will also inform you of each item’s current cost and whether it is on special in the current month and the next month. Quarterly price updates included.

VIP Buying Reports:
This report is available monthly and bridges low cost spirits from month to month. It compares the products you sell to the products on sale, and creates a recommendation. It is run on a regular basis and shows what you can save with smart buying.

Velocity Reports:
Velocity reports are run on a monthly basis. Each category (i.e. vodka, gin, rum, etc.) is broken down in exact numbers for movement, average cost per ounce, and so on.

By Size Savings Analysis:
Analyzes and identifies the best cost size to be in, and how much money those sizes save you.

Pick and choose which reports and order sheets you would like emailed to any number of email addresses.  All files are sent in “PDF” format.  Our order sheets are also available in Microsoft EXCEL.